Asset Allocation Simulator

Main Features

  • Unlimited scenarios (e.g. high/low volatility, economic growth/recession)
  • Customizable constraints (eg. short selling, risk-free borrowing, assets weights )
  • Customizable asset classes (e.g. commodities, stocks, bonds, funds of funds)
  • Customizable decision-making metrics (eg. Bond-Dividend Yield Spread)

Concepts Used

Optimization Strategies

  • Mean-Variance, Risk Parity, Momentum, Trend Following

Risk Indicators

  • Value at Risk, Sharpe Ratio, Volatility

Decision-making Metrics

  • Earnings Growth, Implied Volatility, Efficiency Frontier, Yield Curve, etc.

Why this will work for you

  • It’s proven by a top-level European University
  • We offer flexible payment options
  • The service is Internet based, so you can start using it right away