96% of students say...

"It helps me better understand the practical aspects of Asset Allocation"

What else do they say?

"Yes, it's quite like being a fund manager in the real world."

"I like this game because I can apply the knowledge learned in class and discuss with my team."

"Very dynamic market condition, very practical."

"It's a very good opportunity for us to apply what we learned."

"I like the kind of CW that helps me to understand more for the knowledge learned in class."

"I like the realism, showing how fund managers make decisions at quarterly meetings."

"Helps me to understand the factors that could influence the return."

"First of all it was actually interesting. Playing it led to discussions within the group that we learned a lot from."

"I like the practicality involved in asset allocation. Reading through economic variable as well as other asset related micro factors and using your assessment to drive your asset allocation."