we help students gain asset management skills

...through realistic simulations

We know it is hard for Finance and MBA students to practice their portfolio management skills in the real world without taking high risks.
That's why we developed the Asset Allocation Simulator which provides practical, hands-on experience in a realistic environment.

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What is the Asset Allocation Simulator?

  1. Portfolio management simulator for students studying finance
  2. Practical, hands-on experience of Asset Allocation
  3. Simulation-based, realistic environment

How does it work?

  1. Students assume the role of Fund Manager
  2. They make tactical allocation decisions constrained by a Mandate
  3. Their goal is to outperform the Benchmark Portfolio

Benefits for Students

  1. They experience a business cycle of the market within a short time period
  2. They learn to balance risk and reward by actively managing broad asset classes
  3. They learn to apply the theory taught in class to the practical aspect

Benefits for Professors

  1. Create different economic environments (e.g. high/low volatility, economic growth/recession)
  2. Relate directly to material taught in class
  3. Monitor and assess students" progress at every step, spot talent